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The greatest faux pas is to not recognize the bride or the bridegroom. You can catch a glimpse how we looked some time ago.

Pavel has a numerous fan-club.

The dolphins are not part of the fan-club.

At Bell's laboratories I.

At Bell's laboratories II.

Pavel loves water and swimming.

Zuzka admires nature.

Celebrating birthdays.

Salt lake.

Sometimes we ski together.

Pavel then practices speed cooking.

A trip to Kunžvart.

A trip to Stockholm.

An expedition to Plechý (the highest peek of Šumava mountains on the Czech side)

Zuzana and a canon.

Sometime we even make a bike trip. Panská skála.

Most often, we set out into mountains.

Through a difficult path.

The rewards are then the nice views from the peeks. (Świnica)

Do you know how the see eye looks?

Zuzana is often abroad, sometimes in a desert.

Sometimes at hilarious parties (Pisa).

Sometimes it gets really hard!

Three fairies.

Tam ta da daa!

Here comes the bride!

I, Pavel, take you, Zuzana, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.

Happy newlyweds.

Just don't step on the veil!

Glimpse at newlyweds.

In front of the church.

In front of the castle.

Arrival to the wedding feast.

Zuzanka was beautiful.

Walk onto the spa bridge.

Over the river.

Groom and stuff.

Our nice wedding guests.

Broader family of the bride.

In the carriage.

Once again.

Finally a perfect kiss. Awaited moment from the groom.

The two of us!